Anyone who’s been paying attention recently will know that there have been scheduling issues and delays with both Bear in Mind and the League of Evil Genius. Recent changes to my routine have made it harder to keep my two strip commitments running as smoothly as they once did. As I make adjustments I realise that I can’t continue posting late updates, and I need a little breathing room.

Having just reached its third anniversary, I’ve decided to put Bear in Mind on temporary hiatus. Very temporary in fact. My plan is to take a month or so to build a small buffer to avoid (or at least lessen) future delays, and to post my next update with the (now traditional) Bear in Mind Christmas special – a week of daily updates with a seasonal flavour. So with that said, I hope you’ll join me again on the 23rd of December for the start of some Christmas fun, and from then on we’ll resume with new strips every Monday.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to seeing you again very soon!